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Georgia native, Tristan Tritt, is a Rock artist, songwriter and musician.  If the name sounds familiar it’s because Tritt is the oldest son of country music legend Travis Tritt, and the brother of country artist Tyler Reese Tritt.  However, Tritt’s heavier Rock driven performances have surprised fans who expect him to lean more towards his family’s Outlaw Country music roots.

Tritt went to the West coast to study music production and artist management after high school.  However, he soon realized where he really wanted to be was on stage performing. Tritt started playing guitar at a young age - getting lessons from his local guitar shop and from his dad.  In addition to growing up on the road learning from some of country music’s greatest talents from side stage, Tritt also counts Motörhead, Ozzy Osborne and Stone Temple Pilots as some of his musical influences.  He is forging his own path by melding his favorite things and is very clear when he says “I’m doing it MY way.” Tritt believes being “genuine and authentic” in life and music is a top priority.

Dan Lavery and Patra Sinner of Vista 22 compromise Tritt’s new management team.  They had a quick connection with Tritt, and say “he knows the direction he wants this to go, he has the talent to make it happen and he is ready to put in the hard work.”

Currently, with the advisement of Vista 22 and long-time family friend Mike “Cheez” Brown, Tritt is in studio writing and recording with Leroy Powell.  Powell has collaborated with Shooter Jennings, and is also a part of the elder Tritt’s band.  Expect two new singles from Tritt in the first quarter of 2022 with his first full length EP to follow.  Also expect more live performances for Tritt in 2022.  He is slated for an upcoming run of shows with sister Tyler Reese as well as his own dates with his newly formed band.


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